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Steig’s Antarctic Heartburn

Art courtesy Dave Stephens Foreword by Anthony Watts: This article, written by the two Jeffs (Jeff C and Jeff Id) is one of the more technically complex essays ever presented on WUWT. It has been several days in the making. … Continue reading

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John Kerry: “I’d happily debate [George Will] any day on this question so critical to our survival.”

This is from the Huffington Post. One can only hope that Kerry will follow through. For a quick primer on Kerry’s grasp of climate science, see this WUWT article: Kerry Blames Tornado Outbreak on Global Warming and a rebuttal Increasing … Continue reading

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George Will’s battle with hotheaded ice alarmists

Regular WUWT readers know of the issues related to Arctic Sea Ice that we have routinely followed here. The Arctic sea ice trend is regularly used as tool to hammer public opinion, often recklessly and without any merit to the … Continue reading

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Canadian mini-satellite may solve carbon puzzle

from the Calgary Herald: Canadian mini-satellite may solve carbon puzzle (h/t to WUWT reader “Freezedried”) Tom Spears Canwestnews Service Friday, February 27, 2009 While NASA lost a $285-million US satellite this week, a Canadian microsatellite that does the same job … Continue reading

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Snowiest Winter Ever Recorded in North Dakota

Guest Post by Harold Ambler Snow, wind, and cold have assaulted North Dakota yet again in the past 24 hours. In Bismarck Friday morning the temperature was 12 below zero with a new inch or two of snow expected following … Continue reading

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”Climate flicker” at the end of the last glacial period

From ETH in Zurich, this interesting essay on the last glacial period has some interesting points to ponder. h/t to Sid Stafford – Anthony The last glacial period was characterised by strong climatic fluctuations. Scientists have now been able to … Continue reading

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A short primer: The Greenhouse Effect Explained

Guest post by Steve Goddard There is a considerable amount of misinformation propagated about the greenhouse effect by people from both sides of the debate.  The basic concepts are straightforward, as explained here. The greenhouse effect is real.  If there were no greenhouse gases … Continue reading

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Dumpus Maximus

Here is a weather curiosity. We’ve been hearing a lot about snowfall in the northern hemisphere this year. In Oslo, they have given up on trying to pile it up so they have resorted to dumping it in the sea. … Continue reading

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Space Weather Prediction Center moves the solar cycle goalpost again

Mike Ronanye writes: SWPC has just made a change in their solar cycle predictions in the middle of the month without any preannouncement. Both Sunspot and F10.7cm predictions were altered significantly. See the following links:

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Subcomittee of Japan’s Society of Energy and Resources disses the IPCC – says “recent climate change is driven by natural cycles, not human industrial activity”

Japan’s boffins: Global warming isn’t man-made Climate science is ‘ancient astrology’, claims report By Andrew Orlowski The Register UK (h/t) from WUWT reader Ric Werme UPDATE: One of the panelists (Dr. Itoh) weighs in here at WUWT, see below. Exclusive … Continue reading

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Watching CO2 for the last 12 years by hemisphere

I’ve been doing some more than usual research as of late to answer for myself a specific question about CO2 respiration and the amount of man-made CO2 that is reatined versus naturally generated CO2. In doing so I’ve been in … Continue reading

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New Cycle 24 spot formed today

Sol has been without a cycle 24 spot since January 13th. Today the spotless streak was broken with this high latitude and correct polarity spot. The current sunspot number is now at 12 according to SWPC. The SOHO Magnetogram image … Continue reading

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Nested comments turned off

Well, it was a nice experiment, but I learned that the nested comments feature caused more trouble than it solved. I was having trouble myself following some discussions, and if I’m having trouble, many other are as well. Another issue … Continue reading

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Bad week for hardware: Orbiting Carbon Observatory satellite burns up

Satellite to Study Global-Warming Gases Lost in Space By Alex Morales, Bloomberg News Feb. 24 (Bloomberg) — A satellite launched from California failed to reach orbit today, crashing into the sea near Antarctica and dooming a $273 million mission to … Continue reading

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Climate Audit back online

Writing from Starbucks WiFi in Sacramento. Still have all my hair, but have to drive 90 miles home now as I just dropped off the server for re-rack at the CoLo As I promised for tonight, has regained life. … Continue reading

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Ice Ages and Sea Level

Guest post by Dr. David Archibald The Earth is currently in an interglacial period of an ice age that started about two and a half million years ago.  The Earth’s current ice age is primarily caused by Antarctica drifting over … Continue reading

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Jim Hansen supports civil disobedience

Some have said in the past that Jim Hansen of NASA GISS is no longer a scientist, but an advocate. Today, by his own hand, I believe that description rings true. Click for video Here is what Greenpeace is using … Continue reading

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Nested replies to comments now enabled has offered a new upgrade which I’ve installed. It allows replies to individual comments and nested replies 3 levels deep. Feel free to use this new feature. Try it out here. – Anthony

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The Impact of the North Atlantic and Volcanic Aerosols on Short-Term Global SST Trends

Guest Post From Bob Tisdale PRELIMINARY NOTE I took this post from the prior one “A Secondary (Repeated) ENSO Signal?” and added to the narrative because it is worthy of its own post. I’ve also added long-term trend comparisons at … Continue reading

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Now well over 30 days without a cycle 24 sunspot

The last time we saw would could have been a cycle 24 sunspot, was on January 20th, 2009, but it was an oddball, and not clearly part of cycle 23 or 24. wrote that day: A new sunspot [1011] … Continue reading

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Ike’s second warning, hint: it is not the “military-industrial complex”

We’ve all heard about Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning to us about the “military industrial complex”. It’s practically iconic. But what I didn’t know was that same farewell speech contained a second warning, one that hints at our current situation with … Continue reading

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CO2 Does Not Drive Glacial Cycles

Guest post by Steven Goddard There are still people who insist that changes in CO2 can explain the pattern of glacial and interglacial periods.  This article will present several arguments demonstrating that is incorrect, based on the ice core data below. Click for larger … Continue reading

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Climate Audit is down

While we are on the subject of hardware failure (such as has hit the DMSP satellite NSIDC and Cryosphere Today use) Climate Audit is down due to a file system or HD error. It happens. I’m on my way to … Continue reading

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Sea Ice Sensor Degradation Hits Cryosphere Today

You may recall that I posted about how the National Snow and Ice Data Center has an issue with the DMSP satellite sensor channel used to detect sea ice. Cryosphere Today is a few days behind in update compared to … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 83: No smoking please

The USHCN Climate station of record in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Note the beige smoking stand. The casual way that NOAA treats quality control of the measurement environment of the surface network has been evident for some time. The above photo is … Continue reading

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Basic Geology Part 2 – CO2 in the Atmosphere and Ocean

Guest Post by Steven Goddard part 1 is here Ice cores clearly demonstrate the close relationship between atmospheric CO2 levels and temperature, as seen below. This relationship has been well understood by geologists for longer than Al Gore has been … Continue reading

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Short term trends from GISS Model E: “The model would be off by about 0.15C in the first five years”

On occasion, comments posted on WUWT are backed up with data or graphs from the commenter, and are so germane that they merit their own post for discussion. This is one of those cases. Bill Illis has done a couple … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Believe the Model

This article was sent to me by reader Peter Yodis. I found it interesting and germane to current events, so I’m sharing it here. Just a note for clarification, the very last sentence is in his original article, it is … Continue reading

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NSIDC: satellite sea ice sensor has “catastrophic failure” – data faulty for the last 45 or more days

The DMSP satellite is still operating, but the  SSM/I sensor is not Regular readers will recall that on Feb 16th I blogged about this graph of arctic sea ice posted on the National Snow and Ice Data Center sea ice … Continue reading

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The Trade Winds Drive The ENSO

Guest post by Bill Illis We have often wondered what really causes the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) climate pattern.  It is generally understood and this post will demonstrate that it is really driven by the Trade Winds over the … Continue reading

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William Schlesinger on IPCC: “something on the order of 20 percent have had some dealing with climate.”

This is a bit disturbing, though in retrospect, not surprising. One of our local IPCC wonks at Chico State University, Jeff Price,  is a biologist, but lectures me about climate all the same. – Anthony by Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies … Continue reading

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Britain’s Lessons From The Winter of 2008-2009

Guest post by Steven Goddard Stonehenge saw it’s heaviest snow in many years The UK has been experiencing the coldest winter in several decades, and hopefully policymakers have learned a few basic lessons from this.  Here is my wish list, … Continue reading

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The heliospheric current sheet as solar cycle proxy

Many readers are familiar with a number of solar proxies used to gauge the activity of the sun, the most familiar being sunspot counts and type. However they aren’t the only metric you can use to determine when one cycle … Continue reading

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Errors in publicly presented data – Worth blogging about?

In the prior thread I raised a question of why there was a large downward jump in sea ice extent on the graph presented by NSIDC’s Artic Sea Ice News page. The image below was the reason, dozens of people … Continue reading

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NSIDC makes a big sea ice extent jump – but why?

Something odd is going on at the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Look at this image: The image is directly from NSIDC’s Artic Sea Ice News page today. Of course there’s the large drop of about 1 million sqkm … Continue reading

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