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Cascade snowpack decline? Weather patterns – not global warming

Man made global warming gets blamed for a lot of things, but often when you look beyond the rhetoric that surrounds such blame, you find simpler answers, such as changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Mount Shuksan, in the Cascades … Continue reading

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Help survey a weather station this Labor Day weekend

As many of you know, I also operate http://www.surfacestations.org with the goal of completing the survey of all 1221 USHCN climate stations of record in the continental United States. Doing so, we’ve uncovered some very interesting siting and quality control … Continue reading

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Global Warming Creates Crabgrass Menace

This UC Irvine study with heat lamps on grass plots seems to be almost at a science fair level. Here’s the relevant quotes from the abstract and conclusion: Our results suggest that an increase in temperature caused by climate change … Continue reading

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Hanna Montana Gets In the Act

From the Business & Media Institute Disney’s New Hannah Montana Album Features ‘Global Warming Anthem’ Teen pop star sings ‘Wake Up America,’ warns the ‘earth is calling out,’ but admits she doesn’t know ‘what all this means.’ By Jeff Poor … Continue reading

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The Flip Side of Cooler Weather

While we’ve had a number of unusual and anecdotal cold snaps in late summer in the northern latitudes, there are also warm events too. It will be interesting to see how this event is reported by newspapers and other media … Continue reading

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