Daily Archives: August 19, 2008

More anecdotal and oddly cool summer weather: Rockford, IL yet to reach 90 degrees

Having grown up in the midwest not too far from there, having no 90 degree days yet for the entire summer is admitedly unusual. Here is a running window of the last 3 days of temperature data from Rockford. So … Continue reading

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Democrats planning everything but the weather in Denver

From USA Today: Democrats planning everything but the weather in Denver  By Chuck Raasch, GNS Political Writer WASHINGTON — Democrats are hoping for an open-air sendoff of Barack Obama on Aug. 28 as big as the Colorado sky. But what … Continue reading

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AMS Linking Weather Events to Climate Change

One of the most vocal criticisms I get is when I write about weather events around the globe. For example one commenter, “beaker” recently wrote this criticism to my story about Denver setting two new record low maximum temperatures on consecutive … Continue reading

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