Daily Archives: August 15, 2008

Nutty Story of the Day #4: Germans apply glacier anti-melt screen

From Physorg.com   The Swiss alpine region of Valais is pictured in February 2008. German researchers trying to slow melting glaciers have set up a large screen in the Swiss Alps that they hope will trap cold air over the … Continue reading

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Heat Wave in Portland: Watch for “AGW did it” stories

Portland is one of the “greener” cities in the USA. So it would not be surprising to see some stories blaming the current heat wave on “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. It will be interesting to see how they react … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice Extent Discrepancy: NSIDC versus Cryosphere Today

Foreword: I had originally planned to post a story on this, but Steven Goddard of the UK Register sends word that he has already done a comparison. It mirrors much of what I would have written. There is a clear … Continue reading

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Hadley Climate Center HadAT2 Data shows global cooling in the last year

Overall long term trend remains positive in lower troposphere. Most often on this forum we have looked at either surface temperature data from surface observations or lower tropospheric temperature data derived from satellite sounders. Today I’d like to point out a … Continue reading

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