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As if we didn’t know: SIDC issues “all quiet alert” for the sun

From SIDC (Solar Influences Data analysis Center): http://sidc.oma.be/products/quieta/ START OF ALL QUIET ALERT ………………….. The SIDC – RWC Belgium expects quiet Space Weather conditions for the next 48 hours or until further notice. This implies that: * the solar X-ray … Continue reading

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Award-winning Astronaut Slams Hansen – Urges NASA to ‘Debunk the current hysteria’ over Warming

This was a bit of a surprise, hat tip to Bucko36 – Anthony In Science, Ignorance is Not Bliss By Physicist Walter Cunningham, NASA Apollo 7 Astronaut in July/August 2008 Issue of Launch Magazine. http://launchmagonline.com/index.php/Viewpoint/In-Science-Ignorance-is-not-Bliss.html Cunningham writes: “NASA should be … Continue reading

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NCDC changes from national record keeper to advocacy group

Foreword: As you may recall, I was invited to speak at NCDC (National Climatic Data Center) back in April about the surfacestations project by Climate Reference Network chief scientist Dr. Gary Baker. It was a good visit, and I appreciated … Continue reading

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