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Penn and Teller on Carbon Credits

Magicians and Illusionists Penn and Teller have a popular TV show on the Showtime channel called, ahem, “Bullshit”. In homage to their debunking mentor, James Randi, they take on a number of subjects they feel could use a little “clarity”. … Continue reading

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Hey kids! Be a “Climate Cop” – rat on your family, friends, and classmates

Note: I don’t normally allow the discussion of things related to Nazi Germany here, including discouraging the use of the word “denier” due to it’s “Holocaust Denier” connotations. But this full page ad in the Sunday papers in Britain, touting … Continue reading

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Some rational thought left – “climate change as curriculum” vetoed

There was a lot of lobbying going on with this one, I sent a letter myself, listing myself as a former school board member familiar with school curriculum. The real issue is: we currently don’t have a curriculum to teach … Continue reading

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Anchorage’s record setting cold summer

From the Anchorage Daily News, some anecdotal evidence that we may not see an ice-free arctic this summer. I had previously blogged on the lateness of a 70 degree plus day in Anchorage, and now it looks like this may … Continue reading

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