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Nutty Story of the Day: “Global Warming” is Killing the Penguins in Antarctica

This picture is my own choice – it is not related to the UK Mirror story You have to wonder how the press allows stories like these to get published without some basic fact checking. I’m reminded of the recent … Continue reading

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Why Does NASA GISS Oppose Satellites?

A Modest Proposal For A Better Data Set Reposted from Warren Meyers website: Climate Skeptic. One of the ironies of climate science is that perhaps the most prominent opponent of satellite measurement of global temperature is James Hansen, head of … Continue reading

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Shifting of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation from its warm mode to cool mode assures global cooling for the next three decades.

Foreword: Don J. Easterbrook sent me this essay on Friday for publication here, but with the dustup over Monckton’s paper and the APS, I decided to hold off publishing it for a bit. For background, see Easterbrook’s web page here. … Continue reading

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