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Astronomical Society of Australia publishes new paper warning of solar quieting and global cooling

A new paper published by the Astronomical Society of Australia titled: Does a Spin–Orbit Coupling Between the Sun and the Jovian Planets Govern the Solar Cycle? contains a warning about earthly climate change not immediately obvious from the abstract: Based … Continue reading

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Sun: Still quiet, over two months since a cycle 24 spot seen

Its all quiet on the solar front. Too quiet. It has now been almost 2 and a half months since the last counted cycle 24 sunspot has been seen on April 13th, 2008. There was a tiny cycle 24 “sunspeck” that … Continue reading

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Coloring the Models: Climate Change through Color Change

NOTE: Mike alerted me in comments about this article he wrote along the lines of my story on Color and Temperature: Perception is everything. I thought this would be good to examine again.  This article below is re-posted from John … Continue reading

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