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Color and Temperature: Perception is everything

Recently I had some of my readers comment that they thought that The Weather Channel and USA Today (which uses TWC graphics) temperature maps seemed to look “hotter”. They suspected that the colors had changed. I tend to watch such … Continue reading

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Kroger nixes global warming “policy”

Question: Why does a major grocery store chain need a “comprehensive policy addressing climate change”? Answer: They don’t. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that one of the nations oldest and largest grocery firms, Kroger Inc., based in Cincinnati, OH rejected a shareholder … Continue reading

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Debate Thread: Miskolczi semi-transparent atmosphere model

This thread debates the Miskolczi semi-transparent atmosphere model.  The link with the easiest introduction to the subject is http://hps.elte.hu/zagoni/Proofs_of_the_Miskolczi_theory.htm

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