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Month of May, Global Temperature Recap

Since I’m traveling at the moment at have a combination of occasional Internet connectivity and exhaustion, I’ll defer to Joe D’Aleo’s excellent writeup on UAH, RSS, GISS, and HadCRUT. – Anthony Global Data All In – NASA GISS Biggest Outlier Again By … Continue reading

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HadCRUT for May 08 is out

2008/05  0.278 Writing from airport, more later- Anthony MORE- here is the link for those that can’t find it: Reference: HadCRUT3 anomaly data which can be found here description of the HadCRUT3 data file columns is here 2008/01  0.053  2008/02  0.192  2008/03  … Continue reading

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A Window on Water Vapor and Planetary Temperature

Here is some interesting news; according to data from NOAA’s Earth System Laboratory, atmospheric water vapor is on the decline globally. You’ve probably heard many times how water vapor is actually the  most important “greenhouse gas” for keeping our planet … Continue reading

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Surveying USHCN Stations From My Desk

In How Not to Measure Temperature Part 65, I showed a COOP-A station near Manhattan, KS at Tuttle Creek Lake that had been surveyed. In actuality, that survey was a “miss” and the intended target was the USHCN station in … Continue reading

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