Daily Archives: June 12, 2008

La Nina drought hits home for me as wildland fire

Below is the image from my weather station in Chico, CA looking SE at the Humboldt Fire which is engulfing a good portion of the southern and eastern outskirts of my community. You may have heard about this on the … Continue reading

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A bit chilly for June

Still lots of cold air coming in from the Arctic. Looks like the heat wave in NYC is coming down too. Only 8 days until the summer solstice, the sunlight distribution on our sphere is looking pretty much like a sine … Continue reading

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Temperature Stock Report

Interesting quote of the week: If Global Warming were a stock, and you bought it in 1979 at zero (par) and decided to sell it this month to buy a house, 29 years later you aren’t very happy with your … Continue reading

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NASA to Probe Sun “in situ”

Until the SOHO satellite was launched, astronomers had to be content to look through earth bound telescopes at the sun. Now that the sun is key to “the biggest threat facing mankind – climate change” it seems only sensible that NASA … Continue reading

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