Daily Archives: June 10, 2008

Bees and Sunspots

Here is some interesting reading linking solar magnetic activity to Bees. Bees use the sun to navigate, so it is not a surprise that they’d be in tune with the sun. But there are also other issues such as immune … Continue reading

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NOAA: Them’s fightin’ words

Bureaucracy at work UPDATE: Today, June 11th, NOAA issued a new updated press release, which you can read here: NOAA Proposes Rule to Require Saltwater Angler Registration They say the program will not charge you for the first two years, … Continue reading

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Scientists not sure why Sun ‘continues to be dead’

The sun today. There appears to be an emerging Cycle 23 spot at the left, but still no new Cycle 24 spots. Click for large image That’s never a good sign. Below is an excerpt from an article in Science … Continue reading

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Anecdotal Climate & Weather Roundup

Seattle has coldest first week of June since 1891 Seattle just experienced the coldest first week of June, according to climate records dating to 1891, said Cliff Mass, University of Washington metrologist. Both 1999 and 2008 share the record, with … Continue reading

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