Daily Archives: June 3, 2008

UAH: Global Temperature Dives in May

Confirming what many of us have already noted from the anecdotal evidence coming in of a much cooler than normal May, such as late spring snows as far south as Arizona, extended skiing in Colorado, and delays in snow cover … Continue reading

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Another record month!

Ah, bet you thought I was talking about temperature didn’t you? Nope, I’m talking about you folks – all my readers that have helped make this blog what it is. Thanks to you I’ve hit another traffic high with over … Continue reading

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NASA Press Office Is Criticized on Climate Reports – Hansen news trend still postive

From the New York Times a story on a GAO report looking into “interference” with public releases of climate science at NASA: Two years after James E. Hansen, the leading climate scientist at NASA, and other agency employees described a pattern of distortion and … Continue reading

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Army Chief Scientist: “Sun’s turbulent dynamics” driving climate

From Wired Magazine: The Army is weighing in on the global warming debate, claiming that climate change is not man-made.  Instead, Dr. Bruce West, with the Army Research Office, argues that “changes in the earth’s average surface temperature are directly … Continue reading

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