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Snow, cold, in Saudi Arabia: “worst in 30 years”

According to wire reports, temperatures reached their lowest point in 30 years, reaching to -2°C in the capital, Riyadh, and to -6°C in mountainous regions blanketed by snow.  At least 10 people have died in the country as a weather … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 50. How to make a rural station “urban”

One of the things that happens when your work becomes well known is that people send you things to look at. Such is the case for today’s subject. Here we have a NOAA COOP station which is on the side … Continue reading

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Increased Nacreous Clouds: A sign of colder upper air temperatures

This from As January comes to an end, sky watchers in Scandinavia are recovering from a veritable storm of nacreous clouds. After mid-month, hardly a night went by without someone spotting the phenomenon. “It was incredible! They were all … Continue reading

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Spencer Part2: More CO2 Peculiarities – The C13/C12 Isotope Ratio

NOTE: This post is the second in the series from Dr. Roy Spencer of the National Space Science and Technology Center at University of Alabama, Huntsville. The first, made last Friday, was called Atmospheric CO2 Increases: Could the Ocean, Rather Than … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 49. Alaska’s COOP Stations

Earlier I wrote up an essay on the NOAA climate station at Cordova, AK. Click thumbnail at left for a larger image.     This station was directly next to the village diesel power plant. That station also happens to be part of the NASA … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Roy Spencer on how Oceans are Driving CO2

NOTE: Earlier today I posted a paper from Joe D’Aleo on how he has found strong correlations between the oceans multidecadal oscillations, PDO and AMO, and surface temperature, followed by finding no strong correlation between CO2 and surface temperatures. See … Continue reading

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Warming Trend: PDO And Solar Correlate Better Than CO2

Note: This is my analysis of a new paper by Joe D’Aleo, I’ve tried to simplify and explain certain terms where possible so that  it can reach the broadest audience of readers. You can read the entire paper here. Joe … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 48. NOAA cites errors with Baltimore’s Rooftop USHCN Station

I happened across a NOAA internal training manual a couple of weeks ago that contained a photo of a USHCN official climate station that I thought I’d never get a photo of.  The Baltimore Customs House.   Baltimore USHCN station circa … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Stroke Recognition

A friend from my coffee group sent this about recognizing the signs of a stroke and encouraged me to post it and spread the word. I checked it out to make sure it was not another Internet hoax and I’m … Continue reading

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The Climate Change and Wine Conference

From the days of Wine and Gore department: The Second annual Climate Change and Wine Conference is scheduled for Feburary 15th and 16th in Madrid, Spain. Al Gore will be the featured speaker. SALUD! Wine snobbery and climate change … Continue reading

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Surprise! There’s an active volcano under Antarctic ice

Above: Mt Erebus, which was previously the only active volcano in Antarctica picture by Sean Brocklesby It seems that we still don’t know everything there is to know about our earth-climate system. Take this for example. Scientists have just now discovered … Continue reading

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Guest Weblog: Ben Herman Of The University Of Arizona – Maximum Temperature Trends and the HO83

HO83 ASOS Hygrothermometer (temperature/dewpoint sensor) Note: This was originally posted on Dr. Roger Pielke Sr’s blog Climate Science at I’m reposting it here since we’ve had a number of posts on the HO83 thermometer inaccuracy and it’s impact on the surface … Continue reading

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A weeks worth of data from my new MMTS unit

Last week you may recall that I posted about my new self contained MMTS unit that I’m experimenting with as a possible replacement of as a check system for NOAA’s existing MMTS. Below you can see my test setup in … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 47

Ajo, AZ USHCN Station photographed by Bob Thompson But wait, theres more: I’ve posted about stations that had proximity to a/c units before, but this one is of particular interest since it has dual a/c units to its west and … Continue reading

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CBS News to preempt 60 Minutes for global warming special Sunday Jan 20th

This was originally called “CBS News Presents: Global Warming: The Melting Ice Caps” at the CBS affililiates resource site they call it “CBS News Presents: The Age of Warming” for Sunday. here is the synopsis of a previous segment … Continue reading

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Top Ten Science Based Predictions that didn’t come true.

There’s an article in the New York Times pushing a something called “the five stages of climate grief” done by a professor at the University of Montana. This got me to thinking about the regular disaster forecasting that we see published … Continue reading

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Mercury revealed

Click on image to enlarge. Given its proximity to the sun, Mercury is one of the more difficult planets to image. Before today, maps of the planet Mercury were mostly blank. Views by telescope revealed little detail. Mariner 10 flybys in … Continue reading

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Pielke Climate Science Weblog Moved and Restored – note new URL

Over the last week, Dr. Roger Pielke’s Climate Science weblog has had several technical issues related to keeping a very old version of WordPress running. The website has been down for a couple of days. I had suggested a migration … Continue reading

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