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Halloween Weirdness in Space – The Great Pumpkin

I mentioned this a couple of posts back, exploding Comet 17P/Holmes is one of the strangest things in the sky ever but it gets stranger…Last night, astrophotographer Alan Friedman of Buffalo, NY, took a close-up picture of the comet’s core. “A strong … Continue reading

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Watching Noel

There is a lot of intense interest out there in watching TS Noel to see if this disorganized system turns into a Hurricane when it hits the warmer waters of the Gulf Stream. Click on the image for an animated … Continue reading

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Upcoming TV special on the Sun – worth watching

  Given that the sun is so quiet lately (click image – no sunspots) and there is talk of an ebb in its next solar cycle 24, it bears looking into the details of our primary climate driver.  The National Geographic Channel has a TV … Continue reading

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Things that go boom in the sky

Here’s something you don’t see every day; an exploding comet.  In fact the last time this comet did this was in 1892. Comet 17P/Holmes is now larger than Jupiter. Astronomer Eric Allen of Quebec’s Observatoire du Cégep de Trois-Rivières combined … Continue reading

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Helio, La Niña, and bad winters, awww nuts!!

While doom and gloom predictions continue about CO2 induced global warming, saying that it now is the largest driver of climate, overwhelming any influences of the suns variation, there appear to be other things happening. There are forecasts emerging for … Continue reading

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Hurricane season 2007 is near the record low of 1977

Florida State University’s COAPS (Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies) says that hurricane season 2007, which ends November 30th, is looking well below normal, in fact they are calling it “historic inactivity”. According to COAPS: “Unless a dramatic and perhaps historical … Continue reading

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How Not to Measure Temperature, Part 33

Until now, most of the surface temperature measurement stations I’ve highlighted as substandard locations for measuring temperature accurately have been in the USA. Today, courtesy of Geoff Sherrington, we are treated to the sight of the main Australian historic site, Melbourne … Continue reading

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Projects Page Updated

According to my stat counter, the Projects Page tab above has been getting a regular stream of interest, so it has been updated with relevant content as of today 10/22/07

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ABC’s 20/20 John Stossel on Climate Change “Give me a break!”

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My project “down under”

This was forwarded to me by Russ Steele over at NCWatch. Titled: Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause?  It’s a compelling presentation by Bob Carter of the facts of climate change to a recent public forum in Australia.  He … Continue reading

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Pipe Dream or Viable Energy?

I’m a proponent of alternate energy sources, mostly to get us disengaged from Middle East Oil. Often there are schemes floated to produce alternate energy that just don’t balance out when you sum up the energy in versus energy out. … Continue reading

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Earth’s Albedo Tells an Interesting Story

Thanks to one of our commenters (thanks Henry), this unique project called “Earthshine” being done at the Big Bear Solar Observatory has been brought to my attention. The project is simple in concept: The Earth’s climate depends on the net … Continue reading

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All Quiet Alert

“All Quiet Alert” – That sounds like an oxymoron, and maybe it is, but the sun is extremely quiet right now, so much in fact that the Solar Influences Data Center in Belgium has issued an “All quiet alert” on … Continue reading

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BBC Video on False Claims in Gore’s Inconvenient Truth

As a followup to my post Et tu, Gorus, here is a BBC News report on the 9 items that a British High Court deemed to be false claims in the documentary,  An Inconvenient Truth.

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Et tu, Gorus?

Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize, and even more surprising, the IPCC also shares the award. Why? Why would a committee award such a prestigious prize right on the heels of his documentary being proven inaccurate and prone to exaggerations? Coming in … Continue reading

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USHCN Station Surveys – Completion by State volunteer Gary Boden has provided me an updated version of the Excel speadsheet I use to chart this project. This version calculates the completion of USHCN surveys by state, as seen below.We could really use some help in Arkansas, … Continue reading

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With 421 stations surveyed, we now stand at 800 stations remaining to be surveyed. The rate of surveying slowed during the month of September, which is to be expected as people end summer vacations, start school, and other end of … Continue reading

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Camille Paglia on “fancy-pants, speculative, climate models”

Camille Paglia is listed as one of the top 100 intellectuals in the world today, in fact she’s at number 20.  So, it is with some surprise that I read her response to a question on climate change in a column on … Continue reading

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