NEWSFLASH: Cause for Global Warming Found

An astute letter to the editor writer in Arkansas has found the reason for global warming:


This actually happened, as attested to on the rumor/urban legend verifcation website

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6 Responses to NEWSFLASH: Cause for Global Warming Found

  1. David Walton says:

    Too funny! I wonder if I could get away with this sort of satire in the ER…

  2. Anthony says:

    See further down in the link…many people whom responded to the letter are as humorless as many of the ER’s letter writers.

    Satire usually just makes the common thinking folks mad, and the clever folks just chuckle but don’t respond.

  3. David Walton says:

    Re:”Satire usually just makes the common thinking folks mad, and the clever folks just chuckle but don’t respond.”

    You are a wise man, Mr. Watts. And it doesn’t accomplish much beyond providing a few chuckles to the already mirthful.

    To my, admittedly, often skewed point of view there already seems to be quite a bit of satire in letters to the ER (tell it to the ER is a given) but the vast majority of it appears to be wholly unintentional.

  4. Jack Lee says:

    I see, it’s daylight savings time…oops, I guess this means I’m not clever since I responded to the satire, but I also chuckled, so maybe that’s a break even?

  5. Anthony says:

    Well Jack, I think it means that you can:

    1. Read
    2. Appreciate humor
    3. Appreciate satire
    4. Appreciate Interest
    5. Not be a Troll

  6. David Clark says:

    Having spent ten years in North Dakota where the high temperature can sometimes remain BELOW minus 20 degrees F, not for a couple of hours or a couple of days but for two weeks at a time, I submit that the calamity of global warming is relative to ones frame of refrence. A very entertaining illustration of this point can be found on YouTube titled, “Minnesotans For Global Warming Song.”

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